Installation Technician – East London

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Job Description

Installation team leaders are responsible for FTTH installations. This includes, but is not limited to, assessing most efficient & best way to do the installation, complying with the Britelink and Vumatel installation standards, training juniors, being responsible for everything signed over to them (stock, tools, etc), time management, quality assurance, communicating effectively with clients & coordinators, as well as activating sites & using APPs correctly.
Main Responsibilities
– Installations to be done in accordance with installation standards.
– Installations to be neat & of a high quality. Discuss installation requirements /route with customer prior to starting installation jobs.
– All sites scheduled for the day need to be completed. There are a few exceptions that are out of the installer hands, however it is the installer responsibility to notify the coordinator if the site cannot be done & why.
– Treat client’s homes with respect. Try not to damage anything. Leave the premises in a clean & respectable state.
– Any additional meters or custom installs need to be sent through to coordinator for a quote before work can be done. Notify your coordinator of what is required.
App and Communication
– Start the installation on the Installer’s app as soon as you arrive on site. If job is completed, follow until activation is done. If job cannot be activated, move it to the correct status.
– You must always try to be on site on time. If you are running late for an install, it is your responsibility to notify client & coordinators.
– Communication on the groups should include: On site, picture of ONT / CPE device to be used for the site with details clearly written on, before pics of route, after pics offroute, picture of successful activation. If there is an issue on site, the correct people are tagged in order to get it resolved.
– Check-in for yourselves & your junior on relevant groups every morning. Check out on overtime group.
Stock responsibilities
– The team leader is responsible for looking after & tracking all stock that has been issued to them.
– All stock requisitions to be done on DM for the week ahead. All damaged stock to be returned to office weekly.
– Stock-take to be done once a month. This is to be verified in office & submitted on DM.
– Correct stock used for correct install types (CORE vs REACH). Correct stock used for correct install types (CORE vs REACH).
Vehicle, tools, equipment, PPE Responsibilities
– Bakkie log group used daily to show vehicle mileage. It is the driver’s responsibility to track the amount of mileage they are doing, correctly fill the vehicle with fuel, check water, oil & tyres, ensure that all dashboard lights are adhered to & to drive in a safe & responsible manner.
– It is the team leader’s responsibility to notify management if any clothing, PPE, tools, equipment is required for their entire team.
– Responsible for looking after everything that has been signed over to you, including, but not limited to, bakkie, clothing, PPE, stock, tools, equipment, cell phones
OHS Responsibility
– You are responsible for the safety on site for both yourselves, your juniors & your clients. You need to assess & avoid risks wherever possible
– It is the team leader responsivity to ensure that the team is wearing masks, using hand sanitizer & protecting themselves & others against the spread & risk of Covid-19
Client Experience & Communication
– Ensure that the client has a positive experience with us. Be respectful & polite, try to assist them with their issues. Be reasonable & professional, even if they are not. Ask clients to please fill in the survey rating their experience with us.
– Ensuring that there is an open & proactive flow of communication between you & your coordinators & the relevant CP/civils teams. If you are not receiving the comms. you need, follow up. If you are not getting responses, call. If needed, escalate.

Job Level
Role Type
On the road