Maintenance Technician – Tshwane

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Job Description

The primary responsibility of the Maintenance Fibre Technician will be to use his solid GPON and FTTH network fault finding skills and experience to locate Fibre faults on existing Networks. You will ensure that fibre tests conform to Installation specification and within Link Loss Budget. You will take responsibility to identify and repair fibre faults and damages within the stipulated minimum time as per SLA. You will ensure that all repairs and/or cutovers are done to the standard as specified in SLA. You will be responsible for preventative maintenance existing Fibre Networks. Your scope will not be fibre related only but you will be expected to report any civil related preventative maintenance work to be done. You will schedule and manage such activities done by civil teams or contractors.
Fibre technician will/must:
• Have experience in FTTH and GPON Fibre Networks.
• Demonstrate a high level of experience in Fibre fault finding and preventative maintenance on existing infrastructure.
• Have the excellent skill to repair Fibre Cable and Splice Enclosures to the highest standards.
• Have strong ability to route fibre in Splice Enclosures and Slack Bins without any damage.
• Have a high level of experience of Splice Diagrams and have the ability to read and splice accordingly.
• Have expert knowledge of fibre tools and the correct usage of these tools.
• Have expert experience in Fusion splicing methodology, Splice Machine care and the usage of Fusion Splicing Machines. (3-4Years).
• Have experience in Fibre testing procedure and be able to use Power Meter, Light Source and OTDR(IOLM)(Bi-directional) testing and be able to analyse results on site. (3-4years).
• Have the ability to do extensive fault-finding on existing Fibre Networks.
• Have networking experience.
• Have experience in Labelling of Fibre as per Plans as well as different Labelling Conventions.
• Have experience in Reporting on Online Platforms as work is being done daily.
• Have the ability to identify problems on new networks and report immediately.
• Have experience in Underground and Aerial Network topography and Plans. Be able to read plans.
• Have the ability to compile reports and report on progress daily.
• Ability to compile schedules and monitor progress, during cut overs and maintenance repairs.
• Have the ability to train Technicians on maintenance in all the different facets of GPON/FTTH Networks.
• Keep updated register of material used and be able to consolidate monthly and forecast future usage.
• Assist with Core Network splicing.
• Have experience in POP splicing and patching.

Job Level
Role Type
On the road