Maintenance Technician – Port Elizabeth

Job Description 

Maintenance Technicians are responsible for network maintenance duties.This includes time management, assignments, quality assurance,
effectiveness, ensure all teams comply with the Britelink and Vumatel maintenance and break fix standards. The coordinator is required to
provide daily reporting on escalations of non-compliance by technicians.

Main Duties

Ticket Management and Preventative maintenance

• Clocking into customer support app at the start of shift and clocking out at the end of shift.
• Checking in/Arriving on Customer support App when at the customers property.
• Maintenance Class issue to be classified correctly on each ticket on the customer support app and to the internal WhatsAppgroups for preventative maintenance and GPON tickets. Incorrect information leads to
false information on issues reported and the condition of the network.

• Detailed and accurate comments on ticket activity, once fault is established, resolved and/or routed back to the office.

• Checking in/Arriving must be done on the customer support app within 5 minutes of reaching the property.
• Tickets are to be resolved in the first visit, schedule to be done prior to assignment.

• Daily reports to be extracted via the portal and sent to technicians daily Preventative maintenance to be reviewed and monitored on device magic.

Effective and efficient resource allocation.

• Ensure that technicians have work assignments throughout the day, i.e. tickets and preventative maintenance.
• Effectively and efficiently manage the assignment of technician’s jobs.
• Coordinator is always required to keep track of his/her technicians and know their whereabouts.
• Actively monitor resources locations via tracker to optimise resources allocation (average travel time between jobs.

• Technicians should close a minimum of 7 tickets per day. Exceptions to be created for tickets that last over an hour.
• All tickets must be resolved within 12 hours (MTTR- REPORT 113).
• Technicians are to adhere to schedule and their daily routes are to be monitored (trackmatic report).
• Average distance travelled between tickets is less than 10km (trackmatic report).


• Ensure that QuickBase is updated with the assigned technician details, appointment details or any other required details.
• Technicians to check in and check out on Customer support app ticket, when accessing the client’s premises and exiting the client’s premises.

• 100% accurate and detailed records on every ticket. Tickets to be updated with faults or issue description, solutions / fix. (ATTR report/Maintenance class issue)
• Tickets are to be monitored using the ticket tracker.
• 100% of technician’s assignment listed on ticket tracker. Ensure that all stock used is recorded ad captured on device magic (extract from device magic)

• Coordinator is required to keep a daily record of work orders and or tickets assigned to each technician in their cell daily.
• Obtain pre-authorization for technician overtime prior to technician working overtime.

• All overtime must be pre-authorised and recorded. (no approval on overtime form without authorization)

Last Mile Drop Installations

• Do scheduled home drop installations when Maintenance is not busy. – Carrying stock and keeping up of stock levels in vehicle to do Home Drop Installations.

• QA function – Ensure that outside contractors being utilized adhere to quality and spec of installs.

Core Network

• Splicing – Assisting Core deployment with Splicing duties of LMJ/MMJ/CMJ/Microloop joints.
• Testing – When needed do fault finding on Core Build Network (while in build) to identify faults.

Outage management

All cutover/ outages must be managed in accordance with Standard Operating Procedures (SOP).

• 100% of cutover/outage managed in accordance to SOP.
• Identification of outage and to establish extent to customers affected.
• Notification of outage to all stakeholders with Network Incident request.
• Coordination of environmental team and maintenance team with stock within 30 minutes of identifying outage.
• Continuous communication with Vumatel stakeholders on progress of repair till completion and customers active again.


• Problem solving skill
• Inter personal skills
• Decision making skills
• Time management skills
• Team Management skills
• People management skills
• Communication skills
• Assertiveness
• Ability to work in high pace rapidly changing environment
• Ability to handle pressure
• Multi-tasking
• Excellent coordination skills


• Grade 12 or equivalent qualification
• Driver’s license (Valid for minimum 2 Years)
• At least 3 years in Fibre, call centre or customer relations
• MS Office, Excel skills, Word, Email and internet